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BioCleaner is safe to use on all types of surfaces, including: wood, cloth, canvas, fiberglass, vinyl and paint. Unlike mildew cleaners with chlorine, BioCleaner will not deteriorate or discolor canvas, seams, snaps, carpets, or clothes.

BioCleaner is perfect for: power boats, sailboats, kayaks, tents, outdoor gear, bathrooms, carpets, clothes, basements, walls, kitchens and roofs.

BioCleaner requires NO scrubbing

BioCleaner substantially reduced time spent removing mildew.

BioCleaner is formulated using the latest evolution in modern dat chemistry. This unique product has been tested world wide in many different and difficult environments with excellent results. BioCleaner is made with the highest grade of ingredients and has excelled where many other products have failed.

In many cases, BioCleaner will remove mildew and mold stains in one application. Some types of mold, however, may require light scrubbing or a second application.

BioCleaner can be used as a preventive measure in dark, damp loactions where mildew may develop. If you have a mildew problem, BioCleaner will save you time and money.

BioCleaner is the only commercially available mildew stain remover for the marine industry that does not contain chlorine or bleach. The result is a highly effective and ecologically friendly product.

If you have a mildew problem, BioCleaner will save you time and money. Available by the gallon for professional cleaners and detailers. May be used with power sprayers.

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